Consortial Support

YBP combines the experience garnered in supporting academic library consortia of every stripe and from around the world with its rapidly growing digital infrastructure to offer unsurpassed opportunities in cooperative collection development. One of the greatest challenges faced by academic consortia in the world of print monographs has been to identify duplication across member libraries and to determine how to distribute collecting in an effective, efficient and equitable manner. As digital overtakes print monograph publishing, the incentives for libraries to collaborate have never been greater. YBP is excited to work with its consortia partners in developing new models in collecting and in providing access to online information.

Technological Innovation

YBP, with the help of its consortial partners, has built a set of online tools unique in the book industry. Those tools continue to develop apace with the capacity of YBP's GOBI to manage eContent. The collecting and acquisition of print and electronic resources can be managed, compared and studied through a wide variety of reports and report formats, across an unlimited number of libraries. YBP has found that for most consortia, buying too many copies of a monograph is rarely a problem, but that library collaboration, supported by cooperative collection development tools such as those in GOBI, helps ensure that critical as well as uncommon material is available to patrons.

YBP's GobiTween enables any library in a consortium to review any action taken by YBP, on any title, for any member of the consortium. Many library selectors use GobiTween to determine how many members of the consortium own a particular title, in order to decide whether or not to buy the book, and now, with the availability of a wide variety of eResources in GOBI, whether a particular format, print or 'e', will be most appropriate.

YBP has developed "Not-Bought Reports" for OhioLINK and the CIC. GOBI allows libraries to compare purchase history against the bibliographic notification slips sent to the consortium libraries in a specific period. Titles which were not acquired by any library in a given period form the "Not Bought Report." This gives the consortium a second chance to buy overlooked titles and improve the breadth of its holdings.

Additional Benefits

YBP serves each consortium according to its particular needs and goals, and according to each member library's desired level of involvement. Approval profiles, for example, are typically specific to each member of the consortium, but may be written across like institutions such as community colleges, small liberal arts schools or research institutions.

A dedicated YBP staff team is typically assigned to a consortium to provide the close working partnership necessary to obtain the best results. YBP staff are able to offer frequent training sessions and in-depth technical support, and are happy to work with consortia on events aimed at improving the services the libraries offer their communities.

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